Sunday, September 21, 2008

#21 social networking

:) This is my favourite thing on all the interweb! I love facebook. I would even go so far as to call myself a facebook addict however the apps are very time consuming so its good when you want to procrastinate and play some games with your mates or make new friends or fight bunnies.

I visited Auckland's page on bebo and added them as my friend. Where is NSL's page? I'll make one if I can't find one :) I love making group pages on bebo. However I find that bebo hasn't adjusted well to the addition of apps to social networking sites and there pages are now hard to view. A lot of people have so many apps that you have to scroll for miles before you are able to actually leave a comment for them. I have this same issue with MySpace. Their pages seem to just go on forever and I see little point in wasting so much time on them.

MySpace is mildly outdated as no-one i know still uses their MySpace accounts or has deleted them. That is why it would be unfashionable for me to create a MySpace account at this point in time. I did however use their serach function to look up pages of my favourite band. I like it how they make videos available to watch. This feature is also available on bebo. However Bebo presents it in a nicer way. I looked up my favourite band on bebo too and found 23 fan groups and joined all of them.

That is why the best social networking site is Facebook <3. Facebook has an IM fuction which I like a lot. It means I do not have to log in to msn to chat with my mates and can chat to people who are on facebook at the sametime. i also love the fact that facebook recommends people you may know. Bebo is more popular among tweens and promotes anonymity whereas facebook encourages people to use their real identity so that people they know can find them. I had a look for library groups and was mildly suprised by what I found :)

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

NSL's page can be found if you do a search for 'North Shore Libraries' and then click on the 'groups' tag along the top of the search results.
(You will have to be a member of Facebook already and logged in to be able to do the search)
Hope to see you there soon!