Sunday, September 21, 2008

#20 eeeeeebooks

I used google books to search for Pride and Prejudice. There were many results and it was easy to find a copy of the book online. I love being able to use eBooks. I use them a lot for research assignments at uni. The University of Auckland has many eBooks however for some reason they are only available to one person at a time which is rather annoying due to the fact that someone may accidently leave a window open which they aren't using and no one can access that particular eBook even if they were using it first and had to go offline because their internet connection is so fail. Grr ><. lol. Anyway, I think it could be something to do with copyrights or something (anyone?).

Pride and Prejudice was available as a PDF to read online, a downloadable PDF or in basic HTML. I don't mind just reading PDF documents as it is just like reading a book. In fact I read New Moon and Eclipse by stephenie meyer as PDF documents which was so much faster than waiting as a hold or even for my order from Real Groovy to arrive.

Reading books online lacks the physical element of reading. Scrolling just isn't as fun as page turning :P and occasionally your eyes need a break from the monitor. I think that most people enjoy reading books more than ebooks and it takes some adjusting to get into an ebook. It would be useful if NSL could offer eBooks to patrons however, it will be a while before it catches

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