Sunday, July 27, 2008

exercise #6 - I love Pxts!

Yup I love the combined functionality of Camera phones. I think this technology is just so awesome! You always have a camera in your pocket and with todays technology. If you don't photograph it, it just didn't happen. Even though the camera on my phone is not the highest quality it still allows me to snap a photo when a Kodak moment arises. And I can:

-pxt that photo to whoever I want (like Mum when we are on holiday),
-email it anywhere in the world
-store it on my phone to show someone later when you are trying to describe something that you did or went to

or even
-send it to my Vodafone PxtWorld account.
-I could bluetooth the photos to my laptop

Then I would be able to upload the photos to my new Flickr account and begin photo-sharing.
And that is why I love Pxts.

exercise #5 - mashups

You could literally spend hours and hours looking at all the apps that are out there for Flickr.

I found Flickrbits really useful for finding more Flickr mashups. It's pretty impressive. The one that I have found the most interesting (thus far :P) is Retrievr This was really awesome because it uses a sketch that you draw to find pictures on Flickr. So while you are drawing using a pretty basic paint set, say you draw a red dot in the middle of the blank screen it will bring up images of a lady beetle on white space, or a maple leaf on a book or anything which matches the colours that you are entering but if you decide that the image you are actually looking for has purple spots in the corners you can add them straight away and it will be searching while you are drawing. Its very cool when you have a basic idea of the image you are looking for or want an image to match a colour scheme.

It also allows you to search using an image that you have on your computer for other similar images.

It is so interesting and I highly recommend checking it out!

exercise #4 - photomania

Originally uploaded by Janis Markie
This was a fun and interesting task. I think I will even continue to use this account with my personal photos.

The only thing I hate is having to use a yahoo login. They are so impossible to create! :P I find their password restrictions annoying and will probably quickly forget my login, good thing they have my actual email address to send it to when I do.

I took 2 photos on my cell phone while at work today which I posted to Flickr. This is a photo of a dragon used in the holiday programme which Margot made and I coloured :D

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exercise #3 - Posting a comment

This was a fairly interesting task. I enjoyed surfing through the various links provided on the main "Exercises" page. I had never been to Boingboing before and found some of the articles there semi-interesting.
One of the posts I was most interested in was this cool clip about a street performer who instead of doing the "pretend-to-be-a-statue" trick, placed an actual statue on the street. Sounds so hilarious!

Exercise #2 - my insights

This blog making activity was intense. In order to complete it I overcame many a challenge.

The first of which was deciding upon a name. I chose 'Jan man pan' because man rhymes with Jan and pan rhymes with both Jan AND man. Witty, isn't it?

Secondly, a URL had to be chosen. A URL is very important as it helps potential viewers to find and locate your blog. There were a few options:

- Janmanpan: while this URL is clear and easy to remember, it lacks a certain ‘pizazz’ and is quite boring and repetitive
- Janmanpanchanwichaa: this was by far my favourite URL option. However, it was ruled out due to the fact that it was very long and hard to remember
- Janmanpanchan: this was the URL I decided on because it incorporated factors from both of the aforementioned URLs

Finally, a colour design had to be chosen. I went with green.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another practice blog...

I decided for aesthetic purposes to make 3 blogs.

This one will say nothing.

Hanging out at uni ftw!

(btw: ftw means "for the win" which sort of means its awesome, you can look it up on urban dictionary or just google it :))

So i'm hanging out at uni and thought I really ought to get on to making this blog at some point :P and now I have. It wasn't too crazy hard but it was slightly interesting.