Sunday, July 27, 2008

exercise #6 - I love Pxts!

Yup I love the combined functionality of Camera phones. I think this technology is just so awesome! You always have a camera in your pocket and with todays technology. If you don't photograph it, it just didn't happen. Even though the camera on my phone is not the highest quality it still allows me to snap a photo when a Kodak moment arises. And I can:

-pxt that photo to whoever I want (like Mum when we are on holiday),
-email it anywhere in the world
-store it on my phone to show someone later when you are trying to describe something that you did or went to

or even
-send it to my Vodafone PxtWorld account.
-I could bluetooth the photos to my laptop

Then I would be able to upload the photos to my new Flickr account and begin photo-sharing.
And that is why I love Pxts.


NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

It is a neat device with lots of fun applications

savvyblanc said...

I'm very impressed with your knowledge of the mobile phone camera, it's inspired me to work out how to use mine!!!
Very encouring.