Saturday, August 23, 2008

excercise #10 - Library 2.0 perspectives

These articles were very interesting :) It's interesting to think about the future of a library in an increasingly technology base society. Some of the major concepts I thought I'd blog about were:
> Reliance on user education - Our library is already implementing some of the web 2.0 principles by having our catalogue available online. However a lot of the technology and specifically the my info pages are not intuitive and we rely a lot on people reading their brochures.
> Collect user intelligence
> The 6th principle of web 2.0 is 6. Software Above the Level of a Single Device. To my knowledge this relates to the use of iPods and such, not just PCs. Maybe NSL could soon be incorportating this technology into our current operations :P

I really enjoyed reading these articles

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Our libraries are always investigating new technology. Airpac is one of the innovations we have implemented - where the catalogue and some functions are available through any handheld devices, PDAs or mobile phones, which provide access to the internet.